"Think out of the box, the bank and the Board."


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Evocati Media is a Media, Publishing & E-Commerce company. We also create concepts, copy and graphic designs. We are mostly experienced in Marketing & PR strategy, Creative Design, logistics and wholesale purchasing. We can help you market products, publish books, design artwork and translate, proof-read or write copy. But there’s always more we can do…

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Evocati Media is the product development studio of Evocati Management. Evocati Management was founded in 2017 by it’s owner Ruben Kempenaar. Ruben works on most projects with business partner Luther Kempenaar. Luther is director of all E-sports projects. Management creates concepts for and advises clients where Media develops and builds products and services.

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We can’t help thinking about whatever interests us and we have an urge to solve problems. Besides that, it’s fun to create or improve things. We love to think out of the box, out of the bank and out of the board. Any industry can be disrupted and WILL be disrupted. Why wait for things to happen when you can make things happen?


Strength not numbers.